Your 2019 UKFL Committee Nominees

The 2019 UKFL Committee nominations closed at midnight on Sunday 4th November, so we can now announce the 5 nominees. We are both grateful and humbled that these people are willing to put themselves forward to continue to help and grow the League.

Each nominee was asked 3 questions to help you learn a little bit more about them, please see their responses below:-

  1. Please provide a brief description about yourself?
  2. What do you feel you can bring to the UKFL Committee?
  3. What position do you feel suits you the best?

In alphabetical order, the nominees are…

Robyn Bawden

  1. You all know me (if you don’t, I’m the mini mad mutt that went missing all those years ago at Stoneleigh) and you know my love for UKFL and I want to give back to the league. it’s safe to say my parents have been pretty active in flyball in the UK for 25 years, now it’s my turn to step up and follow in their big footsteps.
  2. Fresh young perspective, intuitive ideas and a good background of flyball. I want to give young people the confidence that they are involved in the sport and can influence how the league is run
  3.  I like to throw myself at anything however I find my skills lie in communication and dog welfare. With my animal care background that is always at the front of my mind. I also love to meet new people and find ways around any problems.

Craig Kennedy

  1. I am a confident, hard working man who is always keen to learn and always wanting to push to better myself. I like to treat others the way i want to be treated. Having been in the sport for 10 years i still have that hunger to do well in the sport, I am keen to help and push others to do well in the sport also.
    I am a family man, with one young daughter and 7 dogs, i love nothing better than spending my time with them all.
    I think I am a good listener and I am always willing to help people, especially in flyball. I am always helping teams and dogs where i can at comps and always offering advice.
  2. I have good knowledge on the sport, i know how flyball politics work, good and bad. I am forward thinking with a positive attitude to many things. I am keen to push the sport forward with like minded individuals and want nothing more than to succeed in everything i do. I am a responsible person, a very good listener and above all else i look for positivity in everything i do.
    I want to help build UKFL up to bigger and better things, our sport needs to move with the times, we cant sit still and stagnate but we must grow and always look to make the next year better than the last.
  3. There is many positions in the committee, at the moment I don’t know what positions are available, however, I am very keen to learn and develop where the board members and current committee members see fit. I have the belief in myself to take on any tasks given to me and would love the opportunity to help and act on behalf of this association.

Jen McCarthy

  1. I am the current UKFL Secretary and have been flyballing for around 8 years now. I now run with Whack Attack Flyball Teams. I like to think that during my time in flyball I have experienced most different aspects of the sport. I’ve raced all formats, been involved in hosting events, been part of teams who train very seriously and part of teams who socialise more than they train and I love that there is room for both.
  2. I’m a highly organised and decisive person. In my professional life I have grown a business up from scratch which has given me experience in people management and implementing processes during growth (amongst other things). I like to think I am an approachable person 🙂 and i try bring a workable balance of the logical and the sympathetic in my approach to problem solving.
  3. The Secretary s role has been a useful baptism of fire for sure. I feel my strengths lie in project management, bringing together teams and harnessing their skills and talents to realise goals. I’m keen to continue to drive the ideas and projects we have started to sketch out and see them through to resolution and I feel there is scope within a general committee role to grow that kind of project management position

Phillip White

  1. I am a professional individual who competes with my Labradors in agility and am training with a team in flyball. I have owned several labs over 30 years
  2. Commitment.. determination and devotion to develop the sport
  3.  Any