The “Quinns” Speech – December Blog

Well 2021 we are done and as we get ready to ring the bells into 2022 it’s time to reflect on what has been a tumultuous year.

2021 started with us desperately hoping for the Pandemic to end and the restrictions to be lifted so that we could enjoy our favourite dog sport once again and meet up with our flyball families.  We, as the Committee were devastated when we had to cancel event after event and felt the disappointment from the membership.  Cancelling our Championship event was one of the hardest decisions we had to make but it was made for all of the right reasons.

Six months into the Year and we finally got the green light for outdoor events and All4One expertly took on the challenge of hosting that all important first event back after such a long break.  Indoor racing wasn’t too far behind returning in September however since that point the League has had some amazing achievements in such a short space of time.  Below are just a few that stand out:

Tails we Win Flyball Teams bring the British and European record back under UKFL with an incredible time of 14.53 at Oswestry.  Can they run faster in 2022?  Who can challenge and push those pinks in 2022?

We have had seen several teams qualify for Crufts 2022 and we look forward to watching those teams step out onto that famous green carpet.  Once again huge congratulations to Molten Magnets, Southern Striders, All4One and Paws on the Run.  There are however still spaces with the final qualifier being delayed until January so who will join them?  Good Luck to all teams attending the final qualifier.

We have also seen a number of our juniors qualify for YKC Crufts 2022 showing that the future of our sport and league is very much in safe hands.  Congratulations to Dolphins, Tails and Northants Falcons Chicks.  I am sure you will all do your teams and our league proud.

We now have four incredible teams set to represent us at the Worlds Championships in 2022 as Essex, Tails we Win, Cambridgeshire and Paws on the Run prepare themselves for an epic journey that will take them to the World stage.  I’m sure the members will be watching each of your journeys with anticipation.

The Committee has brought in a few new ideas and concepts over the last few months.  Firstly was the introduction of those double points to try and make up for all of those months of lost racing and events.  The next two developments were introduced to try and encourage new hosts and include the cache of matting to hire and the financial support and buddy system.  Both of which we hope will be utilised as we move forwards into 2022.

As we head into January you will see our Committee post filled and now is your opportunity to decide that position.  There are four incredible (and brave) nominees and I would encourage you all to use your vote.  Closing date is 2nd January.

Our January focus will be about building the league and encouraging new members so please share our social media posts and spread the word about the Flyball Family and that UKFL really is the place to be!!

Our diary for 2022 is looking good with some new hosts taking the plunge so thank you.  Thank you to our dedicated teams who host regularly throughout the Year.  Your hard work and commitment is recognised and appreciated.

The Covid pandemic has not gone away and we do try to keep updated with the Government guidance for England, Scotland and Wales.  I don’t know what the New Year holds and whether those dreaded restrictions will return but remember:

“I wont let them break me down to dust, I know that there is a place for us, For we are glorious”

We will be glorious once again.  We will continue to grow and achieve and it is all because of you, the membership.  UKFL would not be what it is without each and every one of you so thank you.

Thank you to all our hard working officials and a special thank you to Tina, Lynette and Charlotte who have been by my side especially over the last few months as we returned to racing and events.

There is just one thing left for me to say on this New Years Eve and that is Happy New Year.  Let’s see what we can achieve in 2022.  Aim high, the higher the better and don’t let anything stand in your way.