Team Captain: Anya-may thorpe (19092)

Team Data

The BeastsMulti-breed--
Woofing HavokLittle League--

Our Dogs

Assassin's Creed 18365H Crossbreed  0 FH
Bonnie bonbon 18365G Crossbreed  0 FH
Dobby 19092A Whippet  0 FH
Ice cream Sunday 18365I Crossbreed  0 FH
Let There Be Carnage 19093B Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Mazikeen 18365J Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Ruben 19093A Border Collie/WSD  95 11"
Tessie 18365C Border Collie/WSD  0 10"
Theo 21137A Staffordshire Bull Terrier  0 FH
To-To Topaz 19092B Crossbreed  0 FH
Trixie bell from hell 18365F Crossbreed  0 FH

Racing History