Team Captain: Linda Law (17203)

Team Data

Speyside Barley StartedLittle League--
Speyside Dipping DogsLeague--
Speyside Hair of the DogLeague--
Speyside Mash Tun MugglesMulti-breed--
Speyside Wee DramsLittle League--

Our Dogs

Ari 18312B Staffordshire Bull Terrier  0 8"
Frank 18308A Border Terrier  40 8"
Kodie 18859A  0 FH
Louie 17203A Crossbreed  80 9"
Maud 17360A Crossbreed  290 FH
Max 18312A Staffordshire Bull Terrier  130 9"
Max 18859C Crossbreed  0 FH
Nola 17360B Crossbreed  0 FH
Scooter 19287A Australian Shepherd  0 FH
Toffee 18859B Crossbreed  0 8"


Briea 18518A Retriever (Labrador)  0 FH
Echo 18479A Crossbreed  0 8"
Henry 17203B Spaniel (Cocker)  0 FH

Racing History