Team Captain: William Adamson (17196)

Team Data

Allsorts of LoutsMulti-breed--
Letham LoutsLeague--
Louts 251League--
Louts Out And AboutLeague--
Louts Starting OutLeague--
Louts UnleashedLeague--

Our Dogs



Megan 18098A Border Collie/WSD  310 FH
Millie 17581A Spaniel (Cocker)  400 9"
Ollie 18162A Spaniel (Cocker)  0 10"
Rosie 18097A Border Collie/WSD  340 FH
Storm 18048A Staffordshire Bull Terrier  215 8"
Tac 18098B Border Collie/WSD  340 FH
Vinny 17196B Border Collie/WSD  0 11"