Team Captain: Claire Lucioni (17226)

Team Data

Fast Lane TrackersLeague18.40
Four In the Fast LaneLeague19.01
Fast Lane DB9sLeague--
Fast Lane Under The InfluenceMulti-breed--

Our Dogs

Addie 17071C Crossbreed  320 7"
Blakey 17246B Border Collie/WSD  225 FH
Buddy 17481A Crossbreed  765 FH
Charlie 17521A Crossbreed  0 FH
Comet 17246A Border Collie/WSD  720 FH
Henry 17231A Crossbreed  1220 7"
Melchet 17071A Crossbreed  290 FH
Poppy 17245A Crossbreed  320 10"
Riley 17521D Border Collie/WSD  1090 11"
Snoop 18874A Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Willow 17226A Crossbreed  1155 10"

Racing History