Team Captain: Sarah Prentice (18335)

Team Data

Be Right Back FastLeague--
Be Right Back FirstLeague--
Be Right Back Having FunLittle League--
Be Right Back Holding ItLeague--
Be Right Back PossiblyLittle League--
Be Right Back QuicklyLeague--
Be Right Back SoonLeague--
Be Right Back WinnersLeague--
Be Right Back in a FlashLeague--
Be Right Back in a MoLeague--
Be Right Back with itLeague--
Be Right Back with the BallLeague--

Our Dogs

Archey 18335B Crossbreed  635 8"
Beccles 19268A Crossbreed  0 FH
Dexter 18085A Border Collie/WSD  2490 FH
Flash 19174A Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Gascar 18077C Crossbreed  1125 FH
lottie 18842A Staffordshire Bull Terrier  0 9"
Madda 18077B Border Collie/WSD  1735 10"
Max 19301A Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Meka 18183A Crossbreed  1055 11"
Molly 18335A Crossbreed  1950 6"
Nikita 18085D Crossbreed  0 9"
Rocco 19188A Crossbreed  0 FH
second ghia 18077D Border Collie/WSD  925 11"
Tala 18183C Crossbreed  0 FH
Taz 18085B Crossbreed  1120 FH
Willow 19187A Border Collie/WSD  0 FH


Bella 18085C Border Collie/WSD  65 FH
Missy 18183B Crossbreed  0 FH

Racing History