Team Captain: Sarah Prentice (18335)

Team Data

Be Right Back with itLeague17.22
Be Right Back in a FlashLeague19.46
Be Right Back Collie WobblersLeague--
Be Right Back FastLeague--
Be Right Back FirstLeague--
Be Right Back Having FunLittle League--
Be Right Back Holding ItLeague--
Be Right Back PossiblyLittle League--
Be Right Back QuicklyLeague--
Be Right Back SoonLeague--
Be Right Back Troublesome TerriersLeague--
Be Right Back WinnersLeague--
Be Right Back in a MoLeague--
Be Right Back with the BallLeague--
Unlikely to Be Right BackLittle League--

Our Dogs

Archey 18335B Crossbreed  4450 8"
Bella 18085E Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Benji 23161B Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Buddy 19174C Border Collie/WSD  0 11"
Casper 21215A Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  1260 10"
Chipolata 23314B Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)  0 FH
Cisco 19174B Border Collie/WSD  0 12"
CLEO 22001A Border Collie/WSD  1510 12"
Cookie 23315A Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)  0 6"
Dexter 18085A Border Collie/WSD  5560 FH
Eddie 22063A Crossbreed  1650 8"
Flash 19174A Border Collie/WSD  4310 11"
Foley 21078D Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Hetty 23018B Retriever (Labrador)  140 11"
Inca 18183E Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Joey 18183D Whippet  0 11"
Jyango 18335C Crossbreed  2970 11"
Ludo 23018A Retriever (Labrador)  1050 FH
Maddie 22064A Crossbreed  0 FH
Max 18598C Spaniel (English Springer)  0 FH
Meka 18183A Crossbreed  5320 11"
Mia 18598A Border Collie/WSD  590 11"
Milo 18598B Miniature Schnauzer  200 7"
Molly 18335A Crossbreed  5940 6"
Nala 21215B Border Collie/WSD  80 10"
Nikita 18085D Crossbreed  240 9"
Pepper 24027A Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Pepperoni 23314A Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)  0 6"
Rufus 21023A Crossbreed  4290 9"
Sky 22077C German Shepherd Dog  0 FH
Sky 23335A German Shepherd Dog  0 FH
Skyla 21078A Border Collie/WSD  4060 10"
Taz 18085B Crossbreed  6240 12"
Ziggy 22077B Border Collie/WSD  700 10"


Axel 21078C Border Collie/WSD  0 FH
Beccles 19268A Crossbreed  0 9"
Bella 18085C Border Collie/WSD  65 FH
Del 22019A Border Collie/WSD  0 12"
Flotsam Moddey Dhoo (Flo) 21066A Crossbreed  0 FH
Lola 22183A  0 FH
Lola 22186A  0 FH
Missy 18183B Crossbreed  0 FH
Pete 22042A Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)  0 FH
Rosie 22124A Spaniel (English Springer)  0 FH
Sky 22077A German Shepherd Dog  0 FH
Skylar 22169D Australian Shepherd  0 FH
Tala 18183C Crossbreed  0 FH
Ty 22169A Border Collie/WSD  0 12"