Memberships & Renewals

A helpful guide to memberships, joining, payments and renewals within UKFL©.


UKFL© has membership options for individuals, partnerships, juniors, dogs and teams, all offered on a rolling 12 month period. So whenever you join, you get 12 months of fun!

We use an online system called GoCardless to setup and handle direct debits (DD) for us, leaving you free to get on with the importance of playing flyball without having to worry about remembering to renew. Your payments are fully secure through GoCardless and protected by The Direct Debit Guarantee.

When you first choose to join UKFL©, you will be directed to our Membership page where you can select either an Individual or Joint Membership (current prices can always be found in the UKFL© rules). This will then walk you through the process of setting up a DD for yourself, and authorise GoCardless to collect money from your bank account. Once you have successfully done this the process will return you to our website for you to fill in your personal details and setup your UKFL© account. If you selected a joint membership you will be asked for details of the second adult (Each member must have their own separate, unique, email address). Once complete you will be emailed your UKFL© number and a password for your account.

The addition of dogs, junior members, teams and events are all done via your account page (follow the My Account link in the top RH corner of every page). Every new membership type that you set up will set up a separate direct debit, when payment is required. Please don’t be alarmed by this, it just means all memberships are kept separate, allowing freedom to cancel one without having to redo anything else (e.g. You want to retire your ‘A’ dog but keep racing you ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ etc. dogs).


Each membership that you take out via the GoCardless direct debit system will automatically renewal every 12 months without you having to do anything. If you wish to cancel a membership you can either do this by cancelling your direct debit with your bank, or letting our treasurer know that you wish to cancel. Please be advised it can take up to 5 working days to cancel your direct debit.

Four weeks prior to your renewal date, you will receive an email from us letting you know your renewal is due and advising you as to whether your DD is active and usable by us. If it is, you’re all good and everything will be processed for you. If there has been an error with your DD during the year, or you’ve cancelled it, the email will provide you with a link to create a replacement DD if you wish. If you don’t want to renew and you’ve already cancelled your DD, please just ignore this email and your account will be automatically closed.

If you have an active DD, you will receive another email from UKFL© on your renewal date advising you on the date that payment will be taken from your account. Please be aware that this may not be totally accurate, depending on weekends, availability of funds in an individual’s account or the banks communicating with each other, but it should be within a day or two.

Details of your renewal dates for yourself and your dogs/juniors are visible on your account page at any time.

Getting More Help

Please remember, if you have any questions, worries or issues about your memberships please just ask somebody. A list of useful people are given below.