Dates2nd Feb 2020
Postcode NG24 2NY
Facebook UKFL Conference 2020
Event Details

The UKFL© Committee are pleased to announce their second Annual Conference. This year’s event will be held at Newark Showground on Sunday 2nd February 2020, from 10am until 5pm (approx.).

Seating will be provided and drinks will be on sale throughout the day.

Section 4: Annual Conference
The UKFL© will hold an Annual Conference as near as possible to the start of the new calendar year within the period between 1st January and 15th February. At least 30 days notice will be provided prior to the conference.

The UKFL© will aim to educate, inform and offer a very transparent dissection of the previous year and a forecast and statement of intentions for the coming year.
The Annual Conference will include items such as:

  1. Financial analysis of the previous year
  2. Financial forecast for coming year
  3. Committee review of previous year
  4. Committee strategy statement of coming year
  5. Exit Committee members
  6. Welcome Committee members.
    1. Voting will open 30 days in advance of the Annual Conference and close 7 days before. The results of the Committee voting will be announced at the Annual Conference.
    2. Voting numbers will be made public.
  7. Awards presentation
  8. Officer reports/presentations
  9. Member points of clarification (to be submitted in advance)
  10. Guest speakers/Sponsors

The conference and its presentations where appropriate will be made available to the whole membership within 10 days of the conference.

Any agenda items members wish to be considered for the Annual Conference must be submitted to the Committee via the website 30 days prior to the event.