JudgeUKFL No.Team(s)
Andrew James17068Drax Power Racers
Bridget Leek17153Dolphins
Cheryl Quinn18404Junkyard Dogs
Claire Kennedy18459Saltires
Darryl Ogden17006Storm Chasers
Donna Culley17001Elements Flyball Team, WOW Flyball Team
Ellen Schofield17000Cambridgeshire Flyball, Tottlefields
Hazell Brown17076Dolphins, Reiver Rebels
Jenny Knight17037Cambridgeshire Flyball
Joe Lamont17002Tails We Win
Lynn Bradley17055The Flying Scots
Nick Wales17043Re-Energize, Revolution
Richard Liversidge17060Revolution
Sam Bawden17052Mad Mutts
Shian Corley17053Dundee Dynamutz
Steve Leek17154Dolphins
Sue Allen17050Ready2Fly, Storm Chasers
Tina Hatcher17004Wash Warriors Flyball Club
Tony Cain17051Storm Chasers
JudgeUKFL No.Team(s)
Howard Campbell17328BORDER PATROL, Eclipse
Karen Ballam17014Finesse Flyball Team
JudgeUKFL No.Team(s)
Abbie Coleman17057Northants Falcons
Andy Bawden17072Mad Mutts
Bhavnesh Patel17556Molten Magnets
Christina Opperman17116Watson's
Christopher Bligh17527Ready2Fly
Elaine Burgon17091The Flying Scots
Emma Groves17218Mid-Sussex Meteors
James Corbin17128No Limits, Tails We Win
Jean Hedley17290Dolphins, Reiver Rebels
Jillian Head17101Ramsden Rockers
Katie Day17096Essex
Katie Mabbutt17090Northants Falcons
Laurie Jordan17023Tails We Win
Lindsay Stocks17149Dolphins
Lisa Bradley17065The Flying Scots
Liz Preston17242Monsters
Louise Perkins18203Bristol Ballistics
Lucy Gourlay18301The Flying Scots
Marguerite Fleming17512The Squad
Mark Peck17008Cambridgeshire Flyball
Martyn McInulty17145Northern Monkeys, Wash Warriors Flyball Club
Natalie Holtappel17171
Paula Merryman17178ANTICS
Robyn Bawden17073Mad Mutts
Roger Batten17108
Ross Payne17017Tails We Win
Samantha Clark17094Ready2Fly
Sarah Bailey17009Elements Flyball Team
Tom Rosenblatt18045Northern Monkeys, Tails We Win
JudgeUKFL No.Team(s)
Alex Gillon17066Dundee Dynamutz
Charlotte Prentice18673Be Right Back
Chloe Heaps17262Hotshots
Chris Hatcher17026
Colin Pantrey18275
Connor Mcleod18290Back n Forth, Saltires
Craig Buglass18653Initiate impact
Craig Kennedy18460Saltires
Danii Adlam18557Live Wires
Helen Welch17049Tails We Win
Holly Harte17595Northants Falcons
Ian Richens17031
Janet Beveridge19051Cambridgeshire Flyball
Janet Hampton17180Essex
Jerome Walker17623Dolphins
jon Thorpe19094Bravehearts
Katherine Bastianelli17370
Katie O'Driscoll17124Drax Power Racers, Paws On The Run, The Travelling Mavericks
Lisa Taylor18406Junkyard Dogs
Loraine Kidd17454Pavilion Musical Paws
Louise Mabey17097Essex
Louise Sanders17266Fire Dragons
Maria Sheehy17193All 4 One
Mark Ince19102Southern Striders
mark sheehy17194
Mat Polley17323Cambridgeshire Flyball
Megan Morgan17079Dolphins
Nicole Webster17176Cambridgeshire Flyball
Rachel Caldwell19087Clyde Warriors, Initiate impact
Richard Porter17477TimeFlyZ
Rosemary Batten17106Cambridgeshire Flyball
Samantha Crane18238Rapid Rascals Flyball Team
Sarah Robson17240Essex
Sean Crane18897
Shani-le Galloway17279Elements Flyball Team, Rebound
Stephanie Pratley17243TimeFlyZ
Susan Matthews17257ANTICS
Victoria Jones18326Pegasus flyball, Wash Warriors Flyball Club
JudgeUKFL No.Team(s)
Donna Culley17001Elements Flyball Team, WOW Flyball Team
Joe Lamont17002Tails We Win
Lucy Gourlay18301The Flying Scots
Vicki Dawe17003Storm Chasers
TeamQualified RP
All 4 One11
Back n Forth1
Be Right Back6
Cambridgeshire Flyball18
Celtic Spirit1
Clyde Warriors1
Elements Flyball Team3
Fire Dragons6
Geordie Racers1
Initiate impact1
Junkyard Dogs11
Live Wires2
Mad Mutts3
Mayhem Flyball Team3
Molten Magnets4
Northants Falcons5
Northern Monkeys3
Paws On The Run5
Phoenix Flyball Team1
Purple Dynamics7
Quantum Leap5
Ramsden Rockers2
Rapid Rascals Flyball Team6
Rosea Velocita Flyball Team1
Scorchin' Pawz1
Southern Striders11
Storm Chasers2
Suffolk Sapphires1
Sussex Screamers4
Tails We Win8
Tartan Tearaways1
WOW Flyball Team1
Wash Warriors Flyball Club3
Waveney Valley Flyballers (WVF)1
NB. If a UKFL© member races with multiple teams they will be counted against all teams that they race for.