The Board

R2.1 The Board are the founding body of UKFL. Its purpose is to oversee and take responsibility for the League, its rules, processes and officials. The Board will not be involved in the everyday running of UKFL however will act as a support function and will be available for the Committee to consult. The Board will organise the Annual Conference and the administration of the Committee changes. The Board will remain static unless any founding members wish to be relieved from their post.

Donna Culley

Vicki Dawe

Joe Lamont

The Committee

R2.2 (part) The Committee will consist of 5 members. All Committee members will be unrelated by team and family. Each C
Committee member must be actively involved in flyball in some capacity. If a Committee of 5 cannot be formed then the vacant position/s will be filled by member/s of the Board until the vacancy can be filled at its earliest convenience.

Cheryl Quinn (Chair)

Lynnette Treadwell-Jones (Secretary)

Charlotte Busi (Committee Member)

Darry Ogden (Committee Member)