United Kingdom Flyball League (UKFL)

UKFL© was launched in December 2017.

The founding board, totalling 30 years experience aspire to bring an alternative league for flyball racing to the UK. Their passion, dedication and knowledge of the sport meant the birth of the UKFL©

Our aim is to build a safe, fun, and inclusive environment throughout the league. All events will remain fair and consistent. We aim to cater for every preference of flyball racing, be it racing surface or competition formats. Through our committee, rules and judges the UKFL© can offer all of this now and sustainably for the future. Our emphasis will always be on safety, support,  progression and positivity.

Offering the latest in measuring systems technology, whilst keeping us inline with other organisations, the UKFL© are excited to be introducing the ulna measure which will reduce stress levels for both handlers and dogs. Also this new system will provide more accuracy and minimise variables.

Progression of the sport is key to us, we welcome all to come and try this fast, furious and exhilarating sport with us.